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"Never stop fighting and do everything you can to lift up those around you" - <...
CLOSE to 100 years ago Private Michael Bunworth’s possessions were returned to his family after he was killed ...
Applications open for 2016 Fromelles and Pozières commemorations July 2016 will mark 100 years since the Battles of ...
To mark the centenary of the First World War, the University that bears General Sir John Monash's name ...


The RSL might look to young people like a collection of the old folks at the bowling club, but it can tell us a lot about ourselves as a nation — who we are today, what we value, and where we’ve come from to get there.

What’s the RSL got to do with you?

It is 1916. You are a young soldier, returned from the war. You have been wounded, and do not have a job. Australia now is different to the place you left. You feel uncertain and alone. You hear about the RSL, and ask: “What’s the RSL got to do with you?”

It is the centenary of World War 1. You are an Australian student. You know a bit about Australia’s military history and heritage in both war and peacekeeping. You have heard about the RSL — you know that this year is the Anzac Centenary. The question you ask is: “What’s the RSL got to do with you?”

What’s on this website?

This website contains a rich collection of multimedia activities and resources that can be used in the classroom in existing curriculum areas, especially during the Anzac Centenary years – 2014 – 2018.

Students — Roll over the menu for details of the content in each area OR go to the Curriculum Guide to find specific activities.

Teachers — Go to the Curriculum Guide to see how the activities and resources on the site apply to your curriculum, and a set of suggested teaching ideas for using the multimedia resources in the classroom.